Android Photo Recovery: Recover lost/deleted photos and videos on Sony Xperia XZ

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The Sony Xperia XZ is the flagship of the Xperia X series, and is most probably Sony's best Android phone to date. As such, it combines top-notch hardware and refined software in a premium-grade package, all with the familiar, yet distinct style Sony's handsets are known for. The build material of choice, named Alkaleido, provides durability and style. On the hardware side of things, a high-end Snapdragon chip delivers plenty of processing power. And the camera combines Sony's latest technologies for superior detail, color accuracy, and focusing precision.

Many users capture photos and videos with Sony Xperia XZ, however, the Xperia XZ plays an important role in people's lives, it can record and preserve our happiness. But for some reason you may delete or lost photos/videos on Xperia XZ, once the photos are lost after the system update; restore the Xperia XZ factory setting cause Xperia XZ photos/videos lost; lost pictures/videos due to formating the Xperia XZ; Even if the Xperia XZ is crashed, smashed or broken, here are two ways for Sony Xperia XZ users easily recover photos/videos those lost or deleted from Xperia XZ. What's the way to recover Sony Xperia XZ photos?

To recover photo/videos from Sony Xperia XZ,you need to use a professional Xperia XZ Photo Recovery- UFUWare Photo Recovery. This powerful and helpful Xperia XZ Photo Recovery can help Sony Xperia XZ users recover the lost/deleted photos and videos on Sony Xperia XZ. What's more,the Sony Xperia XZ data recovery not only recover photos/videos form Xperia XZ,but also supports restore photos/videos from other android phones like Nexus 6/6P/5X, HTC 10, LG G5/G4, Galaxy Note 5/4, Galaxy S7/S6/S5, Sony Xperia Z5/Z4/Z3, etc,.


Guide: Recover lost/deleted photos and videos from Sony Xperia XZ

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Note: Sony Xperia XZ stored photos/videos captured with the camera either in the microSD card or internal memory. UFUWare Android Photo Recovery can help you recover photos/videos from Xperia XZ internal/external memory easily.

Step 1. Download UFUWare Android Phone Recovery

Free download and install the latest version of UFUWare Sony Xperia XZ Photo Recovery into your computer.

Download UFUWare Photo Recovery Download UFUWare Photo Recovery for Mac

Step 2. Connect Sony Xperia XZ to Computer and Enable USB Debugging

Connect your Sony Xperia XZ to computer via USB cable or link your phone's SD card to Mac/Windows with card reader.

Step 3. Scan deleted photos/videos on Xperia XZ

Launch the top Android Photo Recovery, then click "Start Scan" to start scanning lost photos/videos on Sony Xperia XZ.

Sony Xperia XZ Photo Recovery

Step 4. Preview and Recover lost photos/vidoes on Sony Xperia XZ

After scanning done, you are allowed to preview the scanned photos/videos. Then select the photos or videos you need to recover and click on the "Recover" button to get them back.

Recover lost/deleted photos, videos from Sony Xperia XZ

Note: Once you deleted photos/videos from Xperia XZ by mistake, stop using the phone to take any new photos or videos or save new files to it. Any new data written into the phone will overwrite the deleted photos and make them unrecoverable.

Look, it is quite easy to recover deleted photos or videos from Sony Xperia XZ. If you have mistakenly deleted other files like SMS, Contacts, Call History, DOC, XLS, and PPT etc. from Sony Xperia XZ and want to get them back, I suggest you try UFUWare Xperia XZ Data Recovery. It is all-in-one file recovery software to recover all types of deleted file from Sony Xperia XZ.

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